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100mm Round 90 Degree Bend


Product Description

White Plastic 90 Degree Elbow Bend - Outer Diameter 99mm - Male Spigot will fit inside Kair 100mm Round Pipe (Part: " DUCVKC250 ") or 102mm Flexible Hose (Part: " DUCP0092/102/35 ").
90 degree bends can be used to run your ductwork around obstacles along walls and into ceilings and offers superior performance and durability over flexible alternatives. Total space requirement: 136x136x103mm.
Kair plastic ducting is lightweight, durable and suitable for commercial and domestic use. It is perfectly suited for ducting your tumble dryer, bathroom or kitchen extractor fan, hydroponics, in-line extract fans, or cooker hood. It can be used as a part of a long ductwork run for a variety of purposes including whole house ventilation, passive stack vent, positive input, air conditioning, HVAC, and heat recovery systems.

Easy to install and durable, just push-fit duct and fittings together.
For permanent fixings, seal joints with a method of your choice (Popular options include silicone sealant, solvent cement , or tape .).
Will join any female part of the Kair System 100 range.
Built to last out of high-quality white Polystyrene/Polypropylene plastic Material.
Max / Min Temperature: +60c / -15c.
Round rigid ducting provides superior airflow performance vs. comparative size rectangular or flexible duct.
Suitable to use in compliance with Part F Building Regulations.
Airflow performance independently tested by BSRIA or BRE.
Static Pressure Drop in Pascals: 15 l/s = 5.60 Pa - 30 l/s = 21.10 Pa - 60 l/s = 33.10 Pa.

Alternative Sizes & Angles:
Kair round 90 degree plastic bends are available in 100mm , 125mm , and 150mm versions.
Kair round 45 degree plastic bends are available in 100mm , 125mm , and 150mm versions.
Alternative Materials:
Here at we stock a large range of galvanised products including 90 degree and 45 degree bends. We recommend our 'safe seal' galvanised bends, which are available in a huge variety of sizes from 63mm up to 1600mm. Click here to view our full range of galvanised safe-seal bends.
If your duct run passes through a particularly cold area, we would recommend considering using our pre-insulated ducting to avoid condensation building up within your ductwork. Click here to view our range of pre-insulated plastic ducting .
Looking for compatible products?
Compatible with the extensive Kair SYS-100 range of fittings, outlets, and grilles.
Click here to view the full range of Kair 100mm Round / 110mm x 54mm Rectangular Ducting Products.

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