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12 Color Nail Art Transfer Foil x 1 Meter + Star Glue (#1001C)

  • Overlay different patterns or dust and rhinestones for a dramatic effect.Length of each color : 1 MeterColor : 12 Random ColorNet Weight of each color : 1 gramEasy to apply at home How to Use:(1) Prepare your nail bed by shaping pushing cuticles back and removing all oils (do this using professional nail prep eg scrub fresh or nail polish remover.(2) Apply a thin even coat of nail foil adhesive to each finger
  • If a bit is missing due to lack of foil adhesive just reapply the adhesive to the part not taken and repeat.(5) Once completely dry apply a top coat to protect the foil
  • Package include:Nail Art Transfer Foil Galaxy Paper Tip Decor Star Sky Design x 12 Color (1 Meter Each) Package descriptions:Nail Art Transfer Foil Galaxy Paper Tip Decor Star Sky Design x 12 Color (1 Meter Each)Create unique nail art design in minutes ! Just apply foil adhesive or nail polish to nail apply foil back side down and peel
  • If the adhesive is not completely dry before applying the top coat the foil will rub off.Tips :1) Remember if it doesn t work first time Try again! It s all about the timing of applying the foil to the adhesive at the right time.2) Foils can take a while to get right but once you do get the hang of it.
  • You should wait when it just tacky to the touch
  • (for best results cut a piece of foil of the length just big enough for the nail its easier to control and apply flat)(4) Remove the foil and the foil pattern should be stuch to your nail
  • This can take up to 10 minutes!(3) Press foil shiny side up onto the nail bed and rub over using your finger or for a better more precise application use a rubber hoof stick


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