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18" (46cm) Doll Clothes and Accessories M6480 One Size

  • Outfit A: Shirt, vest and shorts
  • Also for B: Fourteen 1/2" Acrylic Stones
  • of 1/4" Chain
  • Also for A: 3/4" x 1/2" Oval Stone
  • of 5/8" Velcro ® Fastener Tape
  • for A and 3/4 yd
  • Belt & Boots A, B, C, Bag A, Bag Contrast B, C, also Hat A, B: Synthetic Leather, Synthetic Suede
  • Linings: Cotton/Cotton Blends.* With Nap **Without Nap ***With or Without NapNOTIONS: Top A: 1/8 yd
  • Also for Leggings: Mesh
  • Shirt A: Chiffon
  • Short Jacket B, C, Shorts A, Skirt B, C, Hat A, B, Bags B, C: Lightweight Denim, Suiting, Novelty Metallic, Satin, Crepe, Cotton/Cotton Blends
  • Also for B: One 1/2" Acrylic Stone, Glue and 3/8 yd
  • Tops, leggings, flowers: Light or medium-weight wovens.FABRICS: Top & Leggings A, B, C, Flower A, C: Jersey
  • Outfit B, C: Jacket and skirt
  • Also for C: One 5/8" Button, Glue and 1/4 yd
  • McCalls 18" (46cm) Doll Clothes and Accessories M6480 One Size18" DOLL CLOTHES AND ACCESSORIES: Three doll outfits
  • of 1/4" Elastic.Shorts A, Skirt B, C: 1/4 yd
  • Outfits A, B have hat with optional visor
  • of 5/8" Velcro® Fastener Tape.Leggings A: 3/8 yd
  • for C.Necklace B: Strong Thread and 14" of Assorted Beads.
  • Outfits A, C have contrast flower
  • Adjustments to individual pieces during construction may be necessary for a better fit.Designed for medium-weight moderate stretch fabrics
  • Vest A: Short Pile Fur
  • of 1/4" Elastic.Bag B, C: 1/8 yd
  • Note: The proportions for dolls may differ depending on manufacturer
  • Skirt Contrast B, C: Tulle, Novelty Mesh
  • of 5/8" Velcro® Fastener Tape and Glue
  • of 1/4" Chain.Necklace A, C: 1/4" Chain: 1/2 yd
  • All Outfits have top, leggings, boots, belt, bag and necklace
  • Also for C: One 5/8" Button and 3/8 yd
  • of 1/4" Chain.Belt and Boots A, B, C: 1/4 yd



Domestic Use Only. Not suitable for Children Under 36 Months.


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