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2.5" Thistle Handle Quaich Bowl Pewter

  • English Pewter Company are rightly proud of the traditional and elegant items within our range of pewterware, and some such items which exude this traditional elegance better than any others are undoubtedly our selection of pewter Quaich. This beautiful pewter Quaich features a plain highly polished bowl which contrasts wonderfully with the ornate Celtic banding around the circumference of the bowl, and is then added to by two beautifully intricate Scottish thistle style handles. This style of Quaich is 2.5 inch in diameter but is available in other sizes: SQ900 2.5" - 7cm wide x 3.5cm high SQ901 3" - 8cm wide x 4cm high SQ902 3.5" - 9.5cm wide x 4.5cm high SQ903 4" - 11cm wide x 4.5cm high SQ904 4.5" - 12cm wide x 5cm high SQ905 5" - 13cm wide x 6cm high SQ906 5.5" - 15cm wide x 7.5cm high SQ907 6.5" - 18cm wide x 8cm high All of our Quaich come complete with a colour leaflet explaining the history of the Quaich which reads; 'The Highland Quaich. Traditionally the "Quaich" which originated in the Scottish highlands was used both for a "Cup of Welcome" and also when offering a farewell drink. The Quaich was originally made from the primitive "staved" wood, then later from horn or leather, eventually pewter and silver becoming popular as it became the favourite drinking cup throughout Scotland. Being derived from the Gaelic word "cuach" meaning "shallow cup" the distinctive design has remained unchanged over the centuries - a shallow drinking bowl with 2 handles, colloquially known as "lugs".

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