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2.9 X 50mm Galvanised Ring Clipped Head Nail & Fuel (3300)

Product Description

  • A difference in the diameter of the shank is produced making it even more difficult to withdraw the nail
  • However, their holding power is the lowest of the group
  • Sometimes it is possible to use a smaller tool to drive them.

    Finish Options: Bright (Plain) or Galvanised

    Bright (Plain) Finish
    Plain finish is without any form of protection and is the most economical choice, but the nails will start to rust before nails that have a protective treatment

  • The thickest coating is called hot dipped and is applied by dipping the nails into a bath of molten zinc.

    Electrogalvanised Ring Nails Pack 3300 + 3 Fuel Cells

  • Ring shank nails have to be produced at lower speeds and their cost is generally higher than for a smooth shank nail
  • They require less energy to drive them and the air consumption per nail can be lower
  • Stick nails to suit the Hitachi NR90 GC2 Clipped Head framing nailers.

    Profile Options: Ring or Smooth Shank

    Ring Shank
    Ring shank nails have a series of rings punched into the surface of the shank

  • The air consumption per nail is also higher, and the energy required to drive these nails into hard wood is very much greater.

    Smooth Shank
    Smooth shank nails have exactly that: a smooth appearance

  • Used in applications where no protection is required, for example a one way disposal pallet
  • Galvanised, Hot Dripped Galvanised
    Galvanised Nails

  • The thicker the zinc coating, the longer it will be before the nail is attacked
  • Due to their regular form they can be produced at very high speed and are therefore the most economical type of nail
  • The zinc does not protect the steel of the nail, but is corroded first
  • Galvanising, or coating with Zinc, is the best way to prevent nails from corroding

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