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4.5" Quaich Bowl Thistle Badge Pewter

  • English Pewter Company are rightly proud of the traditional and elegant items within our range of pewterware, and some such items which exude this traditional elegance better than any others are undoubtedly our selection of pewter Quaich. This beautiful pewter Quaich features a plain highly polished bowl which contrasts wonderfully with the ornate Celtic Knot style handles and Celtic banding around the circumference of the bowl, and is then given a Scottish flavour thanks to the ornate Scottish thistle pewter badge inside the bowl. The PQ503T Quaich measures 4.5 and is also available in the following sizes: PQ501T 2.5" - 7cm wide x 3.5cm high PQ516T 3" - 8cm wide x 4cm high PQ502T 3.5" - 9.5cm wide x 4.5cm high PQ515T 4" - 11cm wide x 4.5cm high PQ503T 4.5" - 12cm wide x 5cm high PQ517T 5" - 13cm wide x 6cm high PQ504T 5.5" - 15cm wide x 7.5cm high PQ505T 6.5" - 18cm wide x 8cm high PQ506T 7.5" - 21cm wide x 10cm high PQ507T 8.5" - 23cm wide x 10cm high Up to the 6.5 version, all of the Quaich are provided beautifully packaged in an elegant cream and black presentation box.

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