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6E Callus Remover With Blades

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  • Corns are usually seen on toes, between toes, ball of foot, or hands
  • They are irritating and sometimes can be quite painful
  • 6E Callus Remover With Blades removes corn and callus with ease
  • They can be removed by our Corn and callus remover.


Product Description

  • Apply callus remover by slowly moving the tool on affected area
  • Avoid pressure or rubbing vigorously as it may cause skin to rupture
  • Always wash callus with warm water and antiseptic before and after application.

    Care and Caution:
    Don’t use one inflamed skin as it can cause scarring and infection
  • Also inform doctor if you see any inflammation, infection or no improvement in the area it is used
  • How to Use:
    Wash feet or affected area and make sure it is dry before you use our callus remover
  • Always keep away from Children.
  • Please consult your doctor before using callus remover if you are diabetic or have known poor circulation
  • Once you have smoothed the skin by callus remover just apply a cream generously to cover the area for best results

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