NHHC10406 6E

6E Emery Board - Pack of 5

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Product Description

  • Emery board use will provide smoother, healthier and stronger nail texture whilst maintaining the natural composition of the nails
  • Always shape the nails to the shape of your cuticle and for toenails rub the file in straight direction
  • 6E emery boards are professionally designed for shaping and maintaining nails
  • Always keep emery board dry and clean
  • Always wash your hands and wipe emery board before and after use for safety and hygiene.
  • How to use Always apply on clean and dried nails
  • Rub across in one direction, until you get desired shape and smoothness
  • Precautions: Never apply on damaged or sensitive nail
  • Bending of emery board can result in damaging the board
  • Our emery boards also protect any damage such as brittleness or broken edges
  • Don’t rub too hard always be gentle

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