NHHC10407 6E

6E Hoof Stick

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Product Description

  • It helps in removing the dead skin and also used to clean the nails
  • Work from the outer side of your cuticle in circular movement to the centre and same with the other side
  • Hoof sticks are used as essential tool in manicure
  • Bending or pushing hoof sticks hard can result in damaging the nail and the stick
  • Throw away the stick once used.
  • How to use Before you attempt to shape your cuticle, soften them by any cream or soak your hands in lukewarm water
  • Use one side of the stick to remove all unwanted cuticles edges to get perfect shape
  • Do it gently and don’t push too hard
  • Don’t push too hard, always be gentle
  • It is used for shaping the sides of cuticle encircling nail and also the nail bed
  • Care and Caution: Never apply on damaged or sensitive skin

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