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A&D UW-101 Activity Monitor Pedometer Pink

  • A&D UW-101 Activity Monitor Pedometer Pink

Product Description

The A&D UW-101A Pedometer is a high quality product produced by A&D, one of the worlds leading medical suppliers. Pop it in your bag or pocket in the morning then view your activity at the end of the day. Distance walked and calories burned.
\r\nA&D Medical bring a new dimension to home health monitoring, with the ability to register the correct motion no matter which way the unit is facing. It brings a level of convenience and ease of use that is second to none. Simply place it in your pocket, bag, or round your neck if preferred, and away you go.
\r\nFully Functioning Pedometer with 3D Sensor Technology (available in white or pink) Small and lightweight but very clever! \r\n
\r\nJust enter your weight and stride length, and it will calculate your steps taken, distance travelled and - perhaps most importantly of all - calories burned. It will even do all this while telling you your average level of activity over the course of the day! Simply to use, place it in your pocket or bag and it will do the rest. \r\n
\r\nIf you are suffering from high blood pressure and are unsure what to do to improve it (or even if you know do not have high blood pressure but are looking to guard against it), then it has been proven that one of the best forms of activity is to go for a walk. It is one of the easiest ways of exercising (recommended by the British Heart Foundation), needing very little specialist equipment, no special facilities to be able to do it and it can be done at almost any time. Best of all, it is something that virtually everyone does every day without even thinking about it! Just by walking to the shops, into work or round the block with the dog can take you over the magic target of 10,000 steps a day, a figure recommended by The British Heart Foundation. Studies by the BHF also show that regular walking at these levels can help to noticeably lower blood pressure. \r\n\r\n
\r\nDisplays calories burnt
\r\nShows distance travelled in miles or km
\r\n14-day memory
\r\n1-year battery life
\r\nSlow-fast motion indicator

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