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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

ABUS 802 Lock Out Hasp 38mm Red with Safety Clamp

Product Description

  • Hasp accepts up to 6 x 41, 72 or T84 colour coded padlocks (padlocks not included)

    Where to use:

    Often called safety lock offs, they are used in industry by maintenance fitters to isolate electrical switch gear or valves

  • Each fitter has his own colour coded padlock and the switch grear cannot be restarted until all the fitters are clear of the machinery.


    Length: 115 mm
    Width: 40 mm
    Staple bore: 8 mm
    Switch Size: 38 mm (11/2in)

  • ABUS 801 and 802 Series Lock off hasps with safety clamps made from an all steel construction and are corrosion protected

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