ACMP10005 Acadian Maple

Acadian Maple Maple Medium - 250ml

  • Acadian Maple Maple Medium
  • Perfect on pancakes! Acadian pure maple syrup is produced in the highlands of Nova Scotia
  • Maple syrup is only made in the North Eastern part of North America and is made solely from the concentration of maple sap from the maple tree


Product Description

  • Pure Maple Syrup
  • A perfect fit - fridge friendly and just the right size to put on your table


This sap and the finished product, pure maple syrup, contains amino acids, proteins, organic acids and vitamins. The raw sap out of the tree is not maple syrup until it undergoes a cooking and concentration process which brings it up to or 66% sugar or 66 brix. It contains absolutely no preservatives or additives. It is 100% natural and as a result it has a shelf life.

Maple syrup contains many natural antioxidants. Several newly identified antioxidant compounds found in maple syrup are also reported to have anti-cancer, anti-bacterial, and anti-diabetic properties. Maple syrup also contains anti-inflammatory compounds.

Many nutrients are naturally found in pure maple syrup, including zinc, potassium, manganese, thiamine, calcium, iron, magnesium, and riboflavin.


Once maple syrup is exposed to oxygen it will began a natural chemical reaction which will slowly deteriorate the flavour, colour and overall texture.

Nutrition Information

Per 60ml (80g):
Amount- % Daily Value
Calories- 210
Fat- 0g/0%
Saturated- 0g/0%
Cholesterol- 0mg
Sodium- 10mg/0%
Carbohydrate- 52g/17%
Fibre- 0g/0%
Sugars- 50g
Protein- 0g

Vitamin A- 0%
Vitamin C- 0%
Calcium- 4%
Iron- 6%


If the syrup is not opened it is best stored in a cool dark area such as a closet or cupboard. When stored this way we recommend the syrup be used within six months if packaged in plastic and one year if packaged in glass.

Once opened, the maple syrup should be refrigerated. If the container is 1L or greater it should be frozen. We recommend that a pitcher is kept in the fridge full of syrup for day-to-day use. The open container can then be easily stored in a deep freeze at a temperature of -18°C. Pure maple syrup will not freeze solid but it becomes very thick and it will expand so be sure that there is sufficient room in the open container to allow for expansion. Stored under these conditions we recommend the syrup be used within one year. Freezing the syrup slows the natural deterioration of the flavour, colour and overall quality. Before using their maple syrup most people prefer to heat the syrup they keep in the refrigerator.

Other Info

Just a 1/4 cup serving of maple syrup provides 41% of your daily requirement of zinc. A 1/4 cup of maple syrup also provides 100% of your daily requirement of manganese, which is linked to HDL, or good cholesterol, and also known for its ability to improve overall mental stability.

Maple syrup is proven to be good for heart health due to the antioxidants and manganese. It also supports immune system health through zinc and manganese.

Maple syrup is not an allergenic food

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