BFUK13949 Beauties Factory

Acrylic Glass Dish BF Premier Acrylic Nail Powder/Liquid Kit clear acrylic powder

  • Acrylic Nail Art
  • (acrylic powder) Net Volume: 60ml (acrylic liquid) Creating beautiful nail for long lasting sparkle nails! Suitable for professional use or home use FREE GIFT: 1pc of Professional acrylic brush for sample try Direction of Use:Pour acrylic liquid into the dappen dish use nail art pen to dap some acrylic powder and then dap into the acrylic liquid
  • Brand : Beauties Factory (With BFPremier Quality Assurance) Package includes: 3colors acrylic powder - Clear White Pink eachfor creating fantastic crystal nail effect! 1pc of acrylic liquid and glass dish Ready for use Net Weight: 0.5oz
  • Then apply them onto your nail / nail forms
  • Apply top coat for a shinig finsh
  • Acrylic Nail Powder Kit
  • Acrylic Powder / Liquid
  • beauties factory
  • Beauties Factory Acrylics
  • Nail Art
  • Pink Acrylic Powder
  • Premier Nail Kit
  • White Acrylic Powder

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