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ACTI-WRAP Bandage - 10cm x 4m

  • The Acti-Wrap Cohesive Retention Bandage is a simple, soft and conformable bandage with edges that are as soft as the centre of the bandage.

Product Description

Acti-Wrap is a retention bandage with a difference. It is a unique cohesive bandage, easily applied by nurses, patients or carers - even to difficult areas such as heels and elbows. The cohesive nature of the bandage ensures that it remains in situ and does not wrinkle or fall down (which can happen with many other retention bandages).

This makes Acti-Wrap a cost-effective method of holding dressings, supporting intravenous cannula, supporting secondary bandages and dressing.
Four good reasons to recommend Acti-Wrap:

Easy to apply, soft, conformable and comfortable for the patient.
Cohesive, requiring no pins or tapes and potentially reducing nursing time and re-dressing costs.
Reduces the risk of constriction from slippage sometimes associated with displaced non-cohesive retention bandages.
Retains its shape so it can be repositioned or re-applied.

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