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Aduna Super Cacao Premium Blend Cacao Powder - 275g

  • Aduna Super-Cacao is a high-flavanol premium cacao powder
  • Our unique blend contains cacao powder from beans that have been specially selected for their high-flavanol content.
  • Aduna Super Cacao Premium Blend Cacao Powder


Product Description

  • Cacao flavanols contribute to normal blood flow, supporting normal:

    Cardiovascular Health
    Blood Pressure
    Blood Circulation
    Taking 2 teaspoons of Super-Cacao a day for 7 days reduces your risk of cardiovascular disease by 8%
  • Learn more about the benefits here.

    Our vibrant 275g resealable pouch is perfect for Cacaoholics - it is our biggest and best value Super-Cacao product
  • An innovative and gentle roasting process ensures the powder retains at least 8x more flavanols than regular cacao powder
  • It is also packed with antioxidants helping give you radiant, younger-looking skin
  • Taste: Aduna Super-Cacao has a delicious rich, chocolate taste
  • 100% natural
    Supports small producers in rural Africa
    Free from dairy, wheat, gluten and sugar
    No preservatives or additives
    Good for children
    Suitable for vegetarians/ vegans


To support normal blood flow, take 2 teaspoons (5g) per day. To make a delicious drink, mix into a paste with a little liquid before topping up your glass. Sweeten to taste.

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Expected Despatch By 25/10/2016
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