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Advanced Laser Home Teeth Whitening Kit 2013

  • The steps are very simple and are outlined below
  • Try pushing the trays to the shape of your teeth with your tongue
  • Once you are happy with the fit carefully remove the tab with scissors taking care not to puncture the tray
  • Repeat for the lower teeth
  • Step 3
  • Superwhite whitening gel should be left in contact with the teeth for no more than 10-30 minutes per session
  • Step 2
  • The LED laser device has a pre-timed cycle of 10 minutes just push the button once and it will turn on
  • Replacement trays are available in our ebay store should you have a disaster
  • Place a small amount of the gel into the inside of the tray
  • Now try to suck the air from the tray pulling it tightly against your teeth
  • Place one tray in the hot water for 5-6 seconds
  • Wait the specified bleaching time
  • Make sure that it is trimmed flush to the tray
  • Only a small amount of gel is required typically between 0.25cc and 0.5cc Do not be tempted to use more than this amount as overloading of the trays will result in the excess gel being squeezed onto the gums
  • When heated the trays will take this shape and hold it after cooling
  • Lift the tray from the hot water using the small tab at the front of the tray
  • If the water is too cold the trays will not become sufficiently soft to shape
  • Apply the gel to your trays
  • Moulding the bleaching trays
  • This will only be on our special price for 7-14 days and then will revert back to full RRP of 74.99 after and will not be repeated at this price *******We ship this item same day is payment is received by 3pm*********** This set gives you the Confidence to Smile and can take Years Off You in Minutes !! You Will Receive : Non Peroxide Set containing 2 X VERY HIGH QUALITY WHITENING GEL SYRINGES FOR SAFE AND EFFECTIVE TEETH WHITENING - 0.1% CARBAMIDE PEROXIDE - 3ml EACH 1 X PLASMA WHITENING LIGHT TO SPEED UP THE WHITENING PROCESS 2 X LONG LIFE LITHIUM BATTERY FOR THE LIGHT 2 X HIGH QUALITY REMOLDABLE MOUTH TRAY 1 X INSTRUCTIONS 2 X SYRINGE TIPS TO HELP YOU SAVE GEL AND ! 2 X SYRINGE TIP CAPS TO KEEP THE GEL FRESHER FOR LONGER 1 X SHADE GUIDE TO TRACK YOUR PROGRESS This set complies with all UK and EU Regulations How easy is the kit for me to use at home? We include a full colour leaflet to show you how to use your kit correctly
  • Step 1
  • Do not leave for too long else the edges may fold together and be difficult to separate
  • Practice fitting the thermoforming trays
  • Step 4
  • After 10 minutes the light will turn off.
  • Now follow the earlier procedure to shape the tray to your teeth
  • Brush and Floss
  • You will obtain a better result if you brush your teeth before using the bleaching agent
  • Place the laser device into your mouth in front of the trays
  • Now you will need a bowl of boiling water appx 5 inches deep
  • The gel may cause irritation if too much is allowed to contact the gums
  • Do this by sliding the cold tray over your upper teeth
  • Make sure that any hot water is allowed to drip off then carefully and quickly place the tray around the upper teeth
  • You are now ready for your first lightening process
  • We recommend that you brush thoroughly and also floss to remove any debris from between the teeth
  • We recommend that you wear the trays for 10-30 minutes every other day until the required shade is achieved


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