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Aidapt Comfort Knight Pillow Lift - Adjustable

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  • This sturdy pillow raiser is powered by an extremely quiet actuator and is covered with a purpose made contoured mattress, finished in vinyl
  • The Comfort Knight Pillow Raiser bed aid enables one person to be safely raised and lowered in comfort, independently of any other occupant of the bed
  • Cotton covers are available
  • Angle of Raise (degrees): 8x68 Colour: Beige Depth (mm): 720 Net weight (kg): 16

Product Description

  • Excellent value for money solution for those requiring a good nights sleep
  • Super quiet electric motor does not disturbe your companion
  • Quick simple installation requiring no special tools
  • Easy to use soft touch hand control for raising and lowering
  • Generous 22 stone weight limit use

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