TAPR11050 Air Eau

Air Eau Replacement Water Filter

  • Six month replacement filter for the counter top or under sink Air Eau models.


Product Description

  • News & World Report
    A new-found miracle cure-all? No
  • Water has been around for millions of years
  • What single thing can do all the following and more?

    Aid digestion and help elimination
    Keep cholesterol levels down
    Protect the body against viruses and infections
    Release energy, help weight control, reduce water retention
    Flush poisons from the blood
    Help mental focus and nerve function
    Help the heart beat, eyes see and muscles flex

  • Having a water filtration system in your home will be a real boost for your health.

    Both the counter top and under the sink models come with a filter (which needs to be replaced every six months) and are easy to fit
  • Next to oxygen, water is the most crucial element in one's body
  • The counter top model is easy to move and portable.

    The carbon filter inside the water filter housing is known to filter out Chlorine (which according to the National Cancer Institute, increases the risk of bladder cancer by 80% in those that drink chlorinated water), Detergents, Insecticides, Herbicides, Decayed organic matter, Chlorobenzene, Alcohol, Benzine, Bleach Solutions, Ammonia, Dyes and about 55 other toxic substances.
  • Beware What You Drink

    We all know the importance of drinking pure water, but not any kind of water
  • The very water from your tap has been known to contain arsenic, asbestos, barium, cadmium, copper, lead, gasoline, giardiasis, nitrates, PCB, radioactive wastes, radon, TCE and other toxic substances
  • The under the sink model requires an easy DIY fitting job and leaves more space on the sink top
  • It is interesting to note that if you were to give your pet a choice - tap or filtered water, they will invariably choose filtered water
  • The estimated cost of bottled water is 300-1200 times the cost of tap water
  • Even though two-thirds of the earth's surface is covered in water, little is fit for drinking
  • Water is vital, yet few understand the tremendous importance of water for one's health
  • Where can we find safe drinking water? Well more and more of us resort to bottled water
  • If your cat or dog will not drink it, why should you?

    The Inexpensive Solution

    If water is so important to our health and longevity, where can we find safe drinking water? The simplest solution is to get a water filter
  • ABC news (U.S.A.) exposed that over 700 chemicals have already been documented in our drinking water.

    Is There a Solution?

    I think you get the point - not all water is safe for drinking
  • In Montreal, Canada, 600 families surveyed showed that they reduced the amount of illnesses by as much as 35% over a 15 month period, simply by using water filters

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