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Airbrick With Surround - 204 X 60mm


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Kair System 204 Airbrick with Surround - Fits 204mm x 60mm Ducting - SYS-204 - DUCVKC5635 These Kair System 204 Airbricks with Surround provide a simple option for ventilation installation in brick walls and can be used with all common ventilation system. They can provide passive ventilation to a building, or be used as part of an extractor fan, heat recovery, or positive pressure ventilation system. They are easy to fit as the building is constructed, or they can easily be fitted in an existing wall where a brick is relatively easy to remove compared to drilling a new hole for a round vent. The plastic surround extends around the airbrick fascia and provides a neat and convenient finish and helps cover up any aesthetic damage to mortar caused by brick removal. The fascia grille can be removed and replaced if required. Kair airbricks can be fitted directly on to Kair System 204 (204mm x 60mm) Rectangular Duct Pipe (Part: "DUCVKC5604") for ease of installation. Kair System 204 (SYS-204) Rectangular Ducting is one of our most popular ranges. The low-profile dimensions of the duct and fittings allows it to be easily concealed where space is restricted. Despite compact dimensions it offers high airflow performance, making this system perfect for both whole house systems and single extract requirements such as Bathroom, Kitchen, and Utility Room extract systems. Kair plastic ducting is lightweight, durable and suitable for commercial and domestic use. Suitable to use in compliance with Part F Building Regulations. Airflow performance independently tested by BSRIA or BRE. Free Air = 7680 mm2 Static Pressure Drop in Pascals: 15 l/s = 6.50 Pa - 30 l/s = 18.40 Pa - 60 l/s = 78.00 Pa. Versions with a fitted grille and surround are available in four colours - White (Part: "DUCVKC5635"), Brown (Part: "DUCVKC5635-BR"), Beige (Part: "DUCVKC5635-BE"), and Terracotta (Part: "DUCVKC5635-TC"). The standard airbrick does not have a surround and is available in four colours - White (Part: "DUCVKC5631"), Brown (Part: "DUCVKC5631-BR"), Beige (Part: "DUCVKC5631-BE"), and Terracotta (Part "DUCVKC5631-TC"). A double air-brick version is available available in five colours - White (Part: "DUCVKC5633G"), Brown (Part: "DUCVKC5633G-BR"), Beige (Part: "DUCVKC5633G-BE"), Black (Part "DUCVKC5633G-BL"), and Terracotta (Part "DUCVKC5633G-TC"). Kair ducting is made in the UK using high quality plastic. Kair products are compatible with the extensive range of fittings, outlets, and grilles in multiple sizes to offer your a complete solution for all of your ventilation needs. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8463 9696

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