ISLS18246 Airflow

Airflow Iconstant Ht - Humidistat-Timer Version (72687118)

  • Selectable trickle speeds 6/ 8/ 13 l/sec
  • Continuous running axial fan
  • Boost speed 8/ 13 l/sec with maximum of 20 l/sec.


Product Description

  • Very quiet running fan - from 10 dB(A)
  • Stylish circular design suitable for wall and ceiling mounting
  • Unique setup diagnostic LED light
  • Costs less than a low energy light bulb to run
  • Ideal for New Build and Refurbishments
  • SAP Appendix Q eliigible
  • Flow sensor ensures the fan maintains a constant extraction rate under all conditions
  • 24V DC Motor - economical to operate - from 1,07 watts on trickle speed of 6 l/sec
  • IPX5 rating - install in Zone 1 and 2
  • Complies with Building Regulations
  • 3 year warranty.


Application iCONstant dMEV fans can be used in any of the wet rooms. The required trickle rate is selected by the installer when the fan is fitted - this is dependent on the application - for toilets select 6l/sec, en-suites, bathrooms and utility rooms select 8 l/sec and kitchens it is 13 l/sec. The boost will be the next speed level up with a maximum of 20 l/sec. There are two iCONstant models available. On the Timer version, the boost speed is set to run on for between 15, 30 or 45 minutes. With the Humidity Timer version, the intelligent humidity sensor will activate the boost speed when a set point is reached - and this can be adjusted between 60% and 90%. When the set point is reached after the boost speed kicks in, the fan will revert to the trickle speed once again. HT VERSION: Boost speed activated by intelligent humidity sensor, overide with momentary pull cord/ remote switch. HT VERSION:Intelligent humidity sensor will activate the boost speed when set point is reached - adjustable between 60 and 90%.

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