AIBV10000 Airmax

Airmax Classic Snore - 1 Unit

  • Airmax Classic Snore
  • Airmax® is a product (nasal dilator) which is made of a soft, odourless and medically certified plastic (S.E.B.S)
  • Airmax® widens the narrowest part of the nose without being visible on the outside of the nose
  • The product has been developed for a comfortable fit


Product Description

  • Airmax® is only suitable for placement in the nose and is not suitable for children up to 12 years
  • Positive effects of Airmax® Classic
    The use of Airmax ® Classic facilitates and improves breathing in through the nose
  • Improving the airflow with the following as a result:

    Proven effective relief from snoring
    Less difficulty breathing in case of nasal congestion due to a cold
    Less difficulty breathing in case of nasal congestion due to respiratory allergy
    Less need for nose drops

    In addition to the above, Airmax® has also demonstrated positive effects on the performance of recreational athletes and elite athletes
  • How to use Airmax® Classic
    The Airmax must be rinsed with water both before and after use
  • When using the Airmax for the first time, we recommend the use of a mirror to help you position the device symmetrically
  • The Airmax has been properly positioned when the legs widen the nasal entrance and when the ‘connecting bridge’ is touching your nasal septum
  • You will notice an immediate impact on your nasal inflow and outflow
  • This better airflow will help you optimise your breathing, feel more relaxed and reduce your snoring
  • First test both sizes to see which one has the most positive effect on your breathing
  • Start with the size S and proceed as described earlier
  • Then try size M
  • If size M and size S both fit, you will be able to use both sizes
  • If size M leaves too much space between your nasal septum and the connecting bridge, size M is too big for you and you should use size S

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Expected Despatch By 26/10/2016
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