FAFS10745 Aircast

Airsport Ankle Brace Black - Left Large

  • The Airsport Ankle Brace is ideal support for ankle injuries such as ankle sprains, roll overs and instabilities, Tarsal Tunnel Syndrome, Swollen Ankle as it offers additional support for the lateral (outside) ankle ligaments, especially the ATF (Anterior Talo Fibular) Ligament that is one of the most commonly injured when spraining your ankle
  • The Aircast Airsport is a great ankle support for injury prevention as worn by a lot of Basketball and Netball players
  • When in place the Airsport limits the rotational movement of the ankle, allowing time for healing and rehabilitation and reduces the risk of re-injur
  • The foam filled aircell cushions and supports the ankle while the semi-rigid shell offers excellent support
  • The Airsport benefits from coated fabric which makes the ankle brace more durable
  • The Airsport Ankle Brace is a clinically proven Air-Stirrup which features a semi-rigid shell with Aircells
  • The ATF (anterior talofibular) cross-strap stabilises the ankle and the forefoot and shin wraps provide extra support
  • This brace gives a High-Ultimate level of protection.
  • The automatic heel adjustment makes the Airsport extremely fast and easy to put on, just slip your foot in from the back and tighten to your own requirements


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