ALFE10003 Al'Fez

Al'Fez Stuffed Vine Leaves With Rice & Herbs - 280g

  • A superior recipe exclusively made for Al’Fez in Greece using only Young Vine Leaves and 65% rice for a delicious, soft-eating experience.
  • Al'Fez Stuffed Vine Leaves With Rice & Herbs


Product Description

  • Taste Al’Fez Stuffed Vine Leaves and you will appreciate the high quality and fresh ingredients used!

    A 280g contains 9 delicious pieces – more than enough for a mezze platter.
  • Our vine leaves are hand picked young for their clean and consistent colour and freshness


Long grain rice (cooked 65%), water, young vine leaves (15%), vegetable oil (10%), onions, dill, mint, salt, seasoning
ACIDITY AGENT: Citric acid

Nutrition Information

Typical Values Per 100g

Energy kcal/kJ 143/597
Protein 2.0g
Carbohydrate 12.9g
Fat 9.5g


Al'Fez is a range of foods based on and inspired by the cuisines of North Africa and the Middle East; or more concisely: Moroccan and Lebanese food.

So what of the name? The first thing most people ask me about Al’Fez is “what does it mean?”. Al’Fez literally translates as “The Fez” in Arabic. Fez being a historic city in Morocco as well as the well known traditional headgear worn in Egypt and throughout the Maghreb.

So having decided on launching a range of North African and Middle Eastern foods and having come up with a suitable name, the hard work of developing and realizing a range of products commenced.
While developing the range, I was very clear about a number of things - First and foremost the range had to be free from artificial flavours and additives as I wanted it to be as close to the roots of the cuisine as possible. Secondly, the products had to deliver the true flavours of the cuisine; and so in 1998 I started developing the Al’Fez range.

The development process took over 2 years with many challenges along the way – particularly when it came to matching flavours and ensuring a high quality without resorting to artificial flavours - especially since the cuisine is largely based on fresh ingredients.

By 2000 the original range of 8 products was complete and packaging design was being finalised. I chose an exotic, moody purple and white as the brand colours. This was a deliberate decision to distinguish Al’Fez from the wide range of brightly coloured Indian sauces on supermarket shelves. I wanted Al’Fez to be different; to be “discovered”. The result is a striking design that to this day stands out from the crowd.

Al’Fez was officially launched in 2001 and within a short space of time was listed in several well known stores in London and the South East.

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