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Alara Organic Goji Berries & Yacon - 600g

  • It also contains kamut, a rich ancient cereal.
  • This is a traditional muesli with an unusual sweetness from the goji berries and yacon


Product Description

  • Loaded with 18 amino acids, 21 trace minerals and doses of beta-carotene, it is unexpectedly delicious
  • Yacon root is another super food with scrumptious sweet taste
  • It is prebiotic (it doesn’t increase blood sugar level, good for beneficial gut bacteria) and it helps to absorb calcium
  • Goji berry is one of the most nutrient-dense fruits known
  • The overall eating experience is exceptional (+ you get all the benefits!) Not surprisingly this muesli won The Best Product Food and Drink at Natural Trade Show Harrogate 2006.


Kamut flakes (26%), Oat Flakes (26%), vine fruit (raisins and sultanas) 17%), Rye Flakes (7.5%), Sunflower Seeds (7.5%), dried diced apricots 5.5%, Goji berries (3%), Linseeds 4.5%, Yacon flakes (3%) 95% organically grown ingredients (goji berries are currently not available organic) The oat and rye flakes are sourced locally from South East England.


Into The Garden Sustainable range has been developed to provide a choice of very different eating experiences. Every one of the six products has a particular taste & texture. Some of them very unusual, other simply more luxurious and flavourful, all are delicious and worth exploring. One of them is a winner already! Goji & Yacon Muesli was launched at Natural Trade Show Harrogate 2006. It has been recognised as The Best Product Food & Drink at the show and rewarded with the most prestigious award.


Alara is a family owned muesli-manufacturing business situated at the heart of London. Established in 1975, Alara has a very long history of Organic, Gluten Free and Fair Trade muesli production. Certified by the Soil Association since 1988, Alara is also the very first company in the UK registered with the Coeliac Society. They believe that organic food is of the highest quality and extend this quality commitment to our products, systems and service through adherence to Higher Level B.R.C. (British Retail Consortium) quality standards. They source ingredients both locally and from around the world to ensure the most nutritious and best tasting start to your day.

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