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Alba' Silver Charm Bracelet

  • Alba' is the Scots Gaelic word for 'Scotland' and this superb Sterling Silver Charm Bracelet comes complete with four heritage charms portraying the best of Scotland's ancient culture, plus a traditional Celtic Knotwork closure ring. The charms that are included in the bracelet are - Celtic Trinity Knot - one of the most ancient of Celtic Knots whose interconnected design reminds us all that everything in life is connected. Scottish Thistle - the national emblem of Scotland, the thistle is a thorny flower that grows wild in Scotland. It first became the national emblem after a battle in 1263ad when the leader of an attacking Norse force, intent on a stealthy night attack, trod on one and his yells alerted the Scots who then routed the Norse invaders. Scottish Luckenbooth - The 'Luckenbooth' is a unique design that dates back many centuries in Scotland. Traditionally exchanged bewteen lovers on their betrothal and subsequently pinned to their baby's shawl to protect from evil spirits. Scottish Lion - the symbol of the Lion has been used for centuries by Scottish Kings & Queens. It is thought to have been first used in the early 12th century, and now features on the Lion Rampant, the personal banner of the monarch. This is an absolutely stunning bracelet at an incredible price. You would often pay more than this for the silver charms alone. Crafted entirely of sterling silver, it is shipped complete in a quality black and gold jewellery presentation box, with a leaflet explaining the history of the Celts. It will make an ideal gift, and a lasting memento, for yourself or for someone you love. The total length of the bracelet is approx 190mm (7.5 ins).

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