ALCU11480 Alberto VO5

Alberto VO5 Extreme Style Gel Wax - 75ml

  • Make your style obey but have fun and play.
  • Alberto VO5 Extreme Style gel wax


Product Description

  • It shapes, moulds and holds, lets you create the most extreme lasting styles, and it washes out easily.
  • gelWax combines the hold of a gel but without the crustiness, and the shaping of a wax but without the greasiness


Apply on damp or dry hair. Work a small amount between your fingertips or palms. Work through your hair and mould as required. Blow dry, or leave to dry naturally for firmer hold and extra shine.

Extra Tips: A little goes a long way, you can always add more. Style with fingers to add texture and definition.

Manufactured by

Alberto - Culver Co UK Ltd









5 out of 5
By ThatGuyThom | Posted on: 13/02/2012

So Good, I Have It Imported

Years back I stole some of this from an old Brit roommate and I won't trust any other product to keep my hair looking its best. I seriously have it imported by the case. It is non-greasy or shiny, and offers great, flexible, natural-looking hold. A little goes a long way and (for those who need it) it makes thinner hair look thicker. Great for the tousled look. No real scent to say so you won't smell fruity or flowery!


Expected Despatch By 02/11/2016

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