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Alice & Oscar's Pearl Quinoa - 500g

  • Quinola is the sacred crop of the Incas, the uber tasty, nutritious super-grain that powered the greatest empire South America has ever seen.
  • Alice & Oscar's Pearl Quinoa


Product Description

  • And we reckon it’s the single sexiest thing to come out of the Americas since the naked tango.
    It might be healthy but you wouldn’t know it from the taste
  • We are confident that you will switch to Quinola.
    Trust us
  • No risk of a porridgey sludge at the bottom of your saucepan
  • From a hot side to a cold starter, a soup ingredient to a sweet desert, Quinola will carry your flavours and add its own lovely texture
  • This is good for you
  • That is why all the farmers practice mixed agriculture and crop rotation, and allow the fragile land to regenerate via fallow periods
  • Gluten and cholesterol free it is a complete vegetable protein
  • And all that fibre and lack of gluten will do wonders for your inards.
    No chemical nasties or fossil fuel fertilizers are used in Quinola’s production
  • If you are already a quinoa convert try out a blind test with your existing variety
  • No monocultures here.
    We work with ethics in our DNA
  • And if you are a bit absent minded we suggest you use a timer (there’s one on your mobile) and just cook for the time indicated on the side of the pack.
    Think of most recipes and Quinola should fit in
  • And because it is great cold you can cook up a double batch and save yourself time for a future meal.
    This is Peru’ finest quinoa
  • Discover the three distinctive tastes and textures across our range.
    If you can boil water you can cook Quinola
  • But we go further than that as we believe that sustainability is as important as organic certification
  • It’s been recognised as a superfood by NASA, who have earmarked quinoa as a key food source for deep space missions
  • Quinola contains the good type of carbs, so their slow release makes you feel satiated for longer
  • Not only do we work directly with the producers under the Fairtrade scheme, but we try and help them out in other ways too
  • It’s that easy
  • And we get our products packed by mentally handicapped people in France, as helping the disadvantaged to a better life through work is something that applies to all countries in our opinion.

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Expected Despatch By 01/11/2016

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