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Alive Books Omega 3 Cuisine - Udo Erasmus

  • Setting standards for production and and quality, his oil blend is by far the best source of essential fats.
  • Derived from organically grown plant sources, Udo's ultimate oil blend is made in a way that protects fragile omega-3 fats from heat, light, and oxygen


Product Description

  • They are responsible for the structure and proper function of every single cell in the human body
  • Over 30 years of published research has established that omega-3 fats are indespensible to human health
  • After meeting Udo, Alan began creating recipes that combine the benefits of essential fats with the pleasure of eating
  • This is the Right Fat Diet, and you're going to love being on it!
  • He developed formulas for oil blends that provide all the good fats and no harmful ones.

    Alan Roettinger, private chef to the stars for 25 years, was introduced to Udo's Choice by his doctor, who recommended it for cardiovascular benefits
  • Finally, you can fearlessly indulge yourself
  • We literally cannot live without them
  • The result is Omega-3 Cuisine, a way for people to actually improve their health by enjoying delicious food
  • As the first test case, Alan discovered that several problems, including joint pain, dry skin, and chronic fatigue, had simply vanished
  • It's a no-brainer
  • Omega 3 fats:

    Protect us from degenerative diseases and promote vitality;
    Make skin soft, hair shiny and eyes sharp;
    Hasten healing, reduce inflammation, and help us recover more quickly from fatigue;
    Boost stamina and improve athletic performance;
    The list goes on...........
  • Udo Erasmus, author of the bestseller Fats that Heal Fats That Kill, is an international authority on fats and health


Savant Distribution Limited is well known in the independent health food trade as the sole importer of the nutritional oil, Udo's Choice Ultimate Oil Blend.
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