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    • Traditional herbal cough medicine.
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  • A traditional herbal remedy used for the relief of the symptoms of coughs, colds & bronchitis.
    Allens Pine & Honey Balsam contains active ingredients that are known expectorants. These help loosen persistent tight chesty coughs and other secretions such as those suffered during colds, coughs and bronchitis.
  • Active Ingredients
    Ipecacuanha Liquid Extract
    Liquorice Liquid Extract
    Pumilio Pine Oil
    Squill Oxymell

    Other Ingredients
    Anise Oil
    Capsicum Tincture
    Diethyl Ether
    Peppermint Oil
    Black Treacle
    Purified Water
  • Allens & Co

Customer Reviews of Allens Pine & Honey Balsam

  • ByPlotopahlea | Posted on: 06/01/2014
  • Effective without side-effects.
  • I've been using this product off and on for more than 3 years. The main things about it that are positive are the pleasant taste with no after-taste from sugar substitutes. Also no unpleasant aniseed flavours. It's effective and doesn't leave you with drowsy side-effects. But it does contain alcohol in a small amount. It is an expectorant and not meant for relief of tickling coughs though the honey works well to soothe the throat. So I give it 5 stars for effectiveness and value.
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