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Allevyn AG Gentle Gel Adhesive Dressings 10cm x 10cm (x10)

  • Allevyn AG Gentle Gel Adhesive Dressings 10cm x 10cm (x10) 66800465

Product Description

ALLEVYN Ag Gentle Soft Gel Adhesive Silver Wound Dressing
\r\nEasier application with secondary retention and minimal pain on removal
\r\nRapid and sustained antibacterial action
\r\nOptimal exudate management
\r\nCost effective - seven-day wear time and fewer dressing changes
\r\nALLEVYN silver protection
\r\nSustained antibacterial activity for 7 days
\r\nEnhanced performance ALLEVYN
\r\nTriple-action technology absorbs, retains, and transpires exudate to provide optimal fluid management.
\r\nMaintains optimal moisture balance
\r\nProvides an optimal moist wound environment for the promotion of faster closure
\r\nComes off lightly
\r\nGentle adhesive allows for less painful dressing changes
\r\nGoes on tightly
\r\nStays in place for up to 7 days
\r\nLong wear time = fewer dressing changes
\r\nALLEVYN Ag Gentle dressings are indicated for use in exuding partial and full thickness wounds including decubitus ulcers, diabetic ulcers, 1st and 2nd degree burns and donor sites. ALLEVYN Ag Gentle may be used over debrided and partial thickness wounds. Can be used in conjunction with a hydrogel dressing, such as INTRASITE Gel for necrotic or sloughy wounds. ALLEVYN Ag Gentle is suitable for use on fragile skin.

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