ATCL10029 Altadrine

Altadrine Fat Burning Soup - 300g


Product Description

  • the more you lose (The cabbage soup diet is clinically proven in the cardiology department of St

    • The cabbage soup diet is known worldwide and therefore the concept is understood quickly by clients
    • Fast and easy to prepare soup formulated with the same ingredients of the cabbage soup diet
    • Vegetables are all organic with a very high content of minerals and active substances
    • Pressure cans are used and therefore no artificial additives, colouring agents, taste enhancers are used
    • High in fibre because the vegetables are in a fibre base
    • No preservatives needed because it is preserved in a 300g pressed tin (no air inside the tin)
    • Very economic since if one had to make it at home the price per serving will be more costly
    • Made in France

    • Vegetal fibres - Increases bulk, shorts transit time through the intestinal tract
    • Dehydrated vegetable fibres 16% (onion, tomato, celery, red pepper, green cabbage) - Increases bulk, shorts transit time through the intestinal tract

    Indicated for patients who are on a weight loss program, patients with high sugar and cholesterol blood levels, patients suffering from constipation, patients that need to undergo surgery, children who show a tendency in increasing weight from an early age, sportsmen who need to lose weight in a short time e.g before competition.
  • Altadrine fat burning soup is a fast and easy to prepare soup based on the same formula of the cabbage soup diet
  • The more you eat… the more you burn…
  • for rapid weight loss before operations)
  • Altadrine is made of 100% organic vegetables with body fat burning properties in a natural fibre base
  • Mary’s Hospital U.S.A

Nutrition Information


• Mix in a bowl, 5 teaspoons with 40cl (400ml) of boiling water. • Mix, then wait 3 minutes: (using an electric mixer will improve the mix). • Since the soup tastes neutral you can spice it as you wish (add salt, pepper, curry). In some cases rice may also be added.

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