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This is no longer available although you may find similar or newer versions below:

Aluminium Oxide Paper Roll Green 115 mm X 50m 40g

Product Description

  • The rolls are ideally suited to tradesmen and regular users

  • Fine grades are used for achieving smooth finishes
  • 115mm wide rolls can be used on half sheet sanders when cut to the appropriate length.

    Professional quality Urea bonded 200g Green paper roll for hand and power sanding on wood, boards,
    paint, plaster and fillers

  • Ideal for building trades.

    40 grit - extra coarse.

    50m roll.

  • Manufactured using a robust E-Weight paper, these Aluminium Oxide abrasive rolls are ideal for preparing surfaces before painting, and can be used on wood, metal or plastics

  • Coarse grades are extremely efficient for the quick removal of old paint or tackling rough surfaces

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