ALMP10073 Alvita

Alvita Cotton Wool Pleats - 100g

  • Alvita Cotton Wool Pleats



Alvita is a range of pan European patientcare products launched by Alliance Boots. The majority of Alvita products are medical devices and are compliant with the European legislation. Accordingly, the CE mark is applied to the product and packaging as required. Products fall into different classes of medical device depending on the complexity and potential risk to the user. Alvita registers product with the Competent Authority (usually in the UK), in the case of class I devices, and gains Notified Body approval for products above class I, in order to satisfy the requirements of the legislation. This facilitates the marketing of Alvita products across a number of European states, with consideration given to multi lingual packaging and instructions. In support of the regulatory aspects, evaluation and testing is conducted both in the Far East and at the UK technical support facility.

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