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Always Maxi Night - Pack of 10

  • Longer flexible wings, for added protection you can really depend on while you sleep.
  • Raised core helps fit your body.
  • Extra wide back for night protection.
  • Our best all night protection. Contains 20 pads.

Product Description

Always Maxi Night will keep you feeling clean and dry all night long; they are ergonomically designed to sit securely and comfortably, even when you move around in your sleep. These night-time pads are designed with a cotton-like top sheet to provide you with extreme comfortability as you sleep; it also has clean-feel technology which provides you with the ultimate hygiene. Stay fresh and protected with Always Maxi Night.


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"Tired of those puny little pads that shift and cause stains in your panties? Are you a buxom gal needing extra padding? Or perhaps you're a skinny mini with heavy flow issues? Well, look no further! Always Overnights is here! These bomboocha pads that measures approximately 14" in length, 3.75" in width, and 4, that's right, I said 4 wings to keep that sucker in place! Sleep in peace while Always Overnights protects your panties and bed sheets! Leave your home in confidence knowing that Always Overnights has got your back! Now, of course, these pads should not be worn with tight clothing since they will create an extra "bulge" in the backside giving the illusion of a tail. But skirts, slacks, or loose clothing? Go for it!"

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