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Amandin Organic Aztec Stock Hot & Spicy - 1000ml

  • There is a soup in Mexico that has its origins in prehispanic times and is one of the most delicious you can eat: Aztec or tortilla soup
  • Amandin Organic Aztec Stock Hot & Spicy
  • The tortilla or corn pancake has endless uses in Mexican cookery


Product Description

  • Since then tortilla or Aztec soup has been made.

    Here at Amandín we have created a range of exotic organic stocks for you to enjoy new flavours and look after how you eat at the same time
  • Ever since Aztec times, Mexicans have made the tortilla an important part of their cuisine.

    Tradition tells that when the Spanish came to Mexico in the 16th century they brought with them the tradition of soup and the spices to make stock
  • Amandín Organic Aztec Stock is based on organically-grown vegetables, especially tomato, with spices like chilli, turmeric and cumin.

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  • It’s sure to surprise you!

    Amandín recommends a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.


Water, vegetables* (1,49%) (tomatoes*, onions*, garlic*, celery* and carrots*), sunflower oil*, sea salt, corn maltodextrin*, yeast extract*, chicken meat and fat* (0,23%), spices* (0,15%) (paprika*, cumin*, chilli*, turmeric*, black pepper*, nutmeg* and rosemary*) and natural flavouring.

(*) Organic ingredients.

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