ELGS11787 Elixir

AminoExtra Fertilizer Plantfood Growth Stimulant - 1 Litre

  • Rich in natural plant hormones, sugars, alginates and complex polysaccharides
  • APPLICATION RATES:5ml/tspn per 1.5ltrs for medium strength mixVary litreage of water to weaken or strengthen mixAll application rates supplied are general guidelines only
  • It will encourage root growth in seedlings and improve development, fruiting and pest and disease resistance in plants moving from the vegetative stage of growth to flowering or fruiting
  • Soil applications will greatly increase soil micro flora and fauna activity
  • 1lt x AminoExtra Fertilizer/Plantfood/Growth stimulant AminoExtra An Organic liquid fertilizer with an NPK of 3-66-5, with natural plant extracts in solution from fermentation and seaweed extraction delivering 20% amino acids
  • Ideally used as a foliar treatment to quality crops AminoExtra can also help plants recover from checks to growth due to frost or drought or disease and pest attack
  • Application at 30mls to 5L of water
  • For newly planted and/or delicate plants, the lower or weaker mix is advised until well established
  • Responsibility for soil/enviromental conditions, individual mixes and results is that of the end user.


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