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Android Netrunner - Trace Amount Data Pack


Product Description

  • Jones
  • Traces, tags, and links feature prominently.

    As a part of the Genesis Cycle, Trace Amount reinforces the core mechanics and personalities of the game’s seven factions, all while allowing players greater means to narrow their focus and refine their strategies
  • The address on the table is of a client who would like to unsubscribe
  • And as one might expect, in a Data Pack all about bluffing and surprises, Jinteki features prominently, gaining a new identity.
  • The game’s runners each gain a new event while each of the corporations looks to fund new operations
  • Standard cancellation
  • Trace Amount is a perfect Data Pack for fans of bluffing as its many events and operations open new surprises and synergies, and prove in more than one way that a card in the hand is worth two or more actions on the table
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  • Nothing too noisy, please.”
    –transcript from NBN security feed

    Trace Amount enables players to dabble with bold new deck configurations
  • Among the Data Pack's sixty new cards (three copies each of twenty individual cards), you’ll also find new hardware, resources, icebreakers, ice, agendas, assets, and upgrades

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