FAFS10833 Push

Ankle Brace Aequi Ankle Support - Left Large (Size 3)

  • Sports Supports
  • The rigid support is situated exclusively on the lateral side of the ankle and has a cavity for the malleolus
  • The Push Aequi is an effective ankle brace which strikes a balance between efficient mechanical support of a disabled ankle and good wearer comfort
  • The medial side is made from preformed foam, which easily adapts to the individual anatomy
  • The Push Aequi provides the ultimate level of support.
  • This means that no restriction is felt during normal walking and running
  • The orthosis is fastened by means of a diagonal strap
  • The elastic straps apply pressure around the ankle
  • The Push Aequi can be used in the functional treatment of ankle injuries and as a long-term support in cases of chronic ankle instability
  • The Push Aequi is worn over a sock or other material for comfort, and ideal stabilisation can be achieved when worn with a closed (laced-up) shoe
  • Inversion/eversion movement (rolling over and twisting) is restricted while plantar/dorsal flexion (toes up and down) allows adequate freedom
  • Push Brace
  • Push Brace Support
  • surgical supports

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