FAFS10293 McDavid

Ankle Brace McDavid 101 - Black - Large

  • The padded internal lining includes a medium level steel spring stay and the fabric is designed to circle moisture away and increase compression
  • This High to Ultimate ankle brace fits either foot.
  • This is the ankle brace of choice among sports medicine clinics and physicians for its heavy duty support and is usually recommended by doctors for Back to Play rehabilitation, replacing tape for recovery of inversion and eversion (rolling inwards or rolling outwards) sprains and further injury prevention
  • Three layers of nylon vinyl fabric, steel spring stays in a "U" shape on both medial (inside) and lateral (outside) sides, elastic"V" over the achillies for comfort around the heel and the tongue is attached by strong elastic over the top of the foot for comfort and compression
  • the nearer to brain the brace reaches, the slightly quicker the ankle can react to a stretch and hopefully correct the position before damage is done)
  • The higher the brace reaches up, the quicker the proprioreception of the ligaments of the ankle (i.e
  • The laces are made of nylon and go up 8 eyelets to allow the brace to give maximum support of the ankle
  • Comes with two removable medical inserts (rigid splints) which fit down the sides to provide additional inversion and eversion resistance yet permit flexion, ideal for immediate recovery after a sprain and then the medical inserts can be removed when the injury is on the mend and you begin to strengthen the ankle


Product Description

  • High protection with Splints
    Medium level when removed
    Ideal for rehab and prevention
    Available in Black or White

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