FAFS10787 Aircast

Ankle Support Air Stirrup Ankle Brace Aircast Support - Left Large

  • Sports Supports
  • The semi rigid, anatomically designed shells offer protection, comfort and the prevention of ankle roll over, inversion or eversion
  • The Aircast Air Stirrup has been the "Standard of Care" ankle brace since 1978 for the functional management of ankle injuries and it has been cited in over 100 medical journals for its superior performance in helping to heal ankle injuries
  • The ankle joint should be immobilised for the first day or two, keeping it elevated and with an ice pack on it several times a day to reduce all the swelling
  • As soon as possible get the joint moving and walking around with a rigid brace as this will get the circulation going and stop it from stiffening up, continually icing it as it puffs up
  • The size is based on the height of the brace and goes to a small enough brace for children
  • Designed for protection and rigid support following an ankle sprain
  • The patented Duplex aircell system enhances the circulation and reduces swelling and the streamline fit should fit in shoes and allow early protected weightbearing
  • The swelling occurs as there has been some damage to the soft tissues (usually ligaments) but it is not necessarily a good thing and can extend your recovery time
  • If you cannot weightbear even slightly then please get professional advice.
  • Aircast
  • ankle brace
  • sprain relief
  • surgical supports

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