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Annemarie Borlind Exfoliating Peel - 50ml

  • Recommended for any skin type that is dry, flaking and scaly.
  • Annemarie borlind exfoliating peel provides gentle exfoliation and deep cleansing in one


Product Description

  • Take advantage of a development in the preparation of jojoba wax beads
  • Deep cleansing with gentle exfoliation
  • Their roundness allows for gentler exfoliation than you get using more traditional scrubs, while providing deep penetration of nourishing oils and natural cleansers.


KEY INGREDIENTS: jojoba wax beads, St. John's wort oil, shea butter, panthenol


Annemarie Borlind Beauty Essentials Range
Each person's skin is unique and could use specialised care, be it for character lines, enlarged pores, broken capillaries or dehydration. Beauty Essentials provide that extra care. Optimise and personalise your skin care by adding a Beauty Essential or two.


Annemarie Borlind natural beauty products, natural cosmetics and natural skincare items help millions of people worldwide look better and have healthier skin:

- Annemarie Borlind searches the world for the most unpolluted, organic sources of its plant materials.
- In many cases, the company has to contract for crops years in advance to insure a supply that meets its strict standards.
- Only first pressings of plant extracts are used.
- The water in the products comes from a natural spring located in the spa region of Germany, an area protected by national law from the use of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals that could pollute groundwater.
- All gels used are from natural plant sources.

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