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Annemarie Borlind Rose Dew Night Cream - 50ml

  • Natural beauty for poorly moisturized skin not yet in need of regeneration
  • ++natural skincare


Product Description

Annemarie Borlind Rose Dew Night Cream

  • Wrinkles and fine lines in the under 30’s are a clear sign that the skin needs some extra moisture
  • Rose Dew natural formula with rose water, gingko, vitamins C and E not only moisturises the skin but also supports its ability to produce and store its own moisture
  • Independent scientific studies have confirmed that after just four weeks of regular application, there was a reduction of depth of wrinkles by 30%, skin moisture content increased by 28%, and skin firmness improved by 35%


KEY INGREDIENTS: avocado, cucumber, ginkgo, hops, panthenol, rose, sage, sorbitol, vitamins A, C and E


Annemarie Borlind Rose Dew Range: Rich hydration for dry skin. Increase moisture content by 28%, reduce wrinkle depth by 30%, improve skin firmess by 35%. Key Benefits: - Moisturises with hops, sorbitol and panthenol - Binds moisture with Pro Vitamin B5 and avocado extract - Strengthens skin with rose water - Nourishes skin with avocado oil and Vitamins A & E - Protects against free radical damage and counteracts ageing with ginkgo - Tones and stabilizes skin with sage


Annemarie Borlind natural beauty products, natural cosmetics and natural skincare items help millions of people worldwide look better and have healthier skin: - Annemarie Borlind searches the world for the most unpolluted, organic sources of its plant materials. - In many cases, the company has to contract for crops years in advance to insure a supply that meets its strict standards. - Only first pressings of plant extracts are used. - The water in the products comes from a natural spring located in the spa region of Germany, an area protected by national law from the use of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals that could pollute groundwater. - All gels used are from natural plant sources.

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