ANBO12520 Annemarie Borlind

Annemarie Borlind Sun Care Sun Fluid SPF 20 - 125ml

  • Annemarie Borlind Sun Care Sun Fluid SPF 20
  • An oil-free sunscreen for use on face and body
  • Provides full-spectrum protection against UVA and UVB Rays


Product Description

  • Prevents free radical damage with Radicare®, a potent antioxidant complex containing rosmatic acid from the balm plant (Melissa), bioflavonoid (rutin), selen from barley, zinc, and manganese
  • Protects against dehydration with sorbitol, provitamin B-6, and Vitamin E
  • Anti-ageing, caring products that are easy-to-apply and fun to use
  • Sun Protection Products – Caring sun protection based on nature
  • Products provide Full Spectrum UVA/UVB, water-resistant protection
  • All products certified for efficacy, quality and safety
  • Sunscreens Moisturize, hydrate, smoothe, and soften


Annemarie Borlind natural beauty products, natural cosmetics and natural skincare items help millions of people worldwide look better and have healthier skin: - Annemarie Borlind searches the world for the most unpolluted, organic sources of its plant materials. - In many cases, the company has to contract for crops years in advance to insure a supply that meets its strict standards. - Only first pressings of plant extracts are used. - The water in the products comes from a natural spring located in the spa region of Germany, an area protected by national law from the use of synthetic fertilizers and other chemicals that could pollute groundwater. - All gels used are from natural plant sources.

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