ELGS11469 Unbranded

Anti Hotspot Repair Tape Polytunnel / Greenhouse - 100mm x 50m

  • The advantages are also that the tape is polythene, so it is flexible and moves with your cover
  • Roll the tape onto the cover with a wallpaper edge roller
  • Job done and a near permanent repair has been completed.
  • It has a very aggressive glue which really sticks to the cover, as long as it is dry
  • We also make this product in widths up to 200mm, which usually straddle both sides of a jagged tear, eliminating the need for cross tapes
  • Tip: make sure your cover is completely dry and free from dust or algae
  • Polytunnel/Greenhouse/Repair Tape 100MM x 50M Extra Strong Professional Grade Anti-Hotspot Tape Polytunnel Polytunnel Capillary Matting Special polythene repair tape is clear, colourless and designed by us to enable you to effectively repair any split or tear in your cover
  • Get somebody to hold a board on the inside of the sheet and apply the tape to the outside
  • Swap places and apply the tape to the inside of the cover


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