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Anti Mould Additive For Emulsion & Gloss Paint - 50 Ml


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STOP MOULD GROWING ON YOUR PAINTED WALLS NOW! Fed up with the black mould on your walls? DIY stores proprietary paints no good or way too expensive or only available in white - well here is your solution. Special fungicidal additive that can be added to ordinary emulsion paint to convert it to a special anti-mould Each 50ml pot will convert 2.5ltrs of standard emulsion paint. A unique Fungicidal additive to convert any new colour paint to a powerful anti-mould coating. Once applied, the anti-mould coating stops mould growing on the painted surface. What is it and where to use it? It is a special fungicidal additive that can be mixed with: Emulsion paint Egg shell paint Tile grout Gloss paint Wallpaper paste Coatings How to use it? Mix one 50ml bottle with 2.5ltrs of above mentioned paint types. Make sure to mix thoroughly as stated in the instructions. Need to clean off the mould first? If you currently have black mould on the walls, it is advised to use the Kair antimould surface cleanser first. After walls have been cleaned, you may re-paint your walls again by mixing this additive with the paint to prevent future growth. Stops Mould growing on the painted surface Easy to use and mix Professionally developed formulation 50ml will convert 2.5ltrs of any colour paint into an anti-mould coating Used by the trade for years - now available to all homeowners / landlords / tenants Other items you might be interested in Surface Cleaner Can be used to clean mould fungi on internal and external surfaces such as tiles, painted surfaces and masonry. Mould Control Pack The mould control pack includes the necessary items for cleaning off mould and preventing future growth.



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