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APIA10009 Api-Ar

Api-Ar Pulmophase Syrup - 125ml

by Api-Ar

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  • Increases the resistance of the organism during difficulties encountered by the respiratory system
  • Helps to free up breathing
  • Calming effect
  • Used in combination with pulmophase capsules, for increased effectiveness.
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  • “Api”, for “apitherapy” and “ar” for “aromatherapy”. The strength of api-ar products is the power of the infinite combinations between the substances produced by bees and the essential plant oils Mother Nature has to offer. Their synergies allow for the forming of a broad pharmacopoeia of which the “nutraceuticals” have the advantage that they do not cause any side effects and naturally do not pose any risk of iatrogenic disease.
    These are not ancestral formulas – although such formulas have proven their effectiveness and enabled man to treat himself effectively through the millennia – but are modern discoveries, developed and tested in a scientific manner by an international team of researchers over a number of years.
    This involves the standardisation of active matter, formulas enabling the testing of synergic effects, observations made in laboratories with Petri dishes, in vitro and in vivo testing duly approved by independent scientific authorities.
    This work has notably allowed us to distinguish the three types of propolis and to clearly differentiate their effects. It is thanks to them that each essential oil has been carefully chemotyped and selected according to its specific qualities.
    Two men are at the origin of this research effort, which has lasted almost seven years. Professor Théodore Cherbuliez, originally from Geneva, is a renowned doctor who lives and works in the United States. He was president of the American Apitherapy Society for over ten years, and currently heads the Apimondia apitherapy commission, the organisation that groups together six million beekeepers throughout the world.
    Professor Roch Domerego is an internationally renowned naturopath, and is vice president of the Apimondia apitherapy commission.
    The authors of a great many scientific publications and popularisation works which serve as a reference the world over, as much in apitherapy as in green medicine in general, these two men founded the company api-ar international in 1999. Fuelled by a passion for bees, they understood all the benefits that could be drawn from apiculture products: honey, royal jelly, propolis, pollen, wax… and even venom !
    Commissioned as experts by the United Nations, and promoters and directors of a large number of research projects that serve as a reference in green medicine, professors Théodore Cherbuliez and Roch Domerego have enabled “bee medicine” to be recognised as a national public health solution in Africa and Cuba, where some of their products are officially registered as true medication whose qualities have been proven by way of rigorous clinical testing.


  • Apitherapy is not a new word and neither is a recent practise. For centuries, even milleniums, man has known and used the Healing virtues of the products of the honey beehive’s products and the plants. Since then, Apitherapy has developed, of course. The properties of each of the products have been thoroughly examined through scientifi analyses. They confirmed what old masters had proposed from intuition and experience.

    The concentrations of vitamins, oligoéléments, minerals salts, enzymes, protides, glucides, lipids… have been carefully assessed and this has led to the understanding of the mechanisms of the different therapeutic actions.

    Years of research and development conducted by international teams, validated in vitro and in vivo in universitary laboratories, then followed by clinical applications in hospitals have led to a new generation of active products. It has allowed us to create a complete range of products which sustainable beneficial effects.

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