Apocalypze Card Game


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  • Within a matter of hours, most of the population had died…and been reborn.

    The zombies swarmed the cities
  • If a billion people were spared the horror of the zombie infection, that would still leave 5 billion zombies on the planet.

    If only the odds had been that good.

    The illness came upon us so quickly
  • They were everywhere
  • The survivors fought back as best they could against the surging hordes
  • Starvation and the dead were not their only enemies.

    First came the remnants of the street gangs who thought they could take what they wanted.

    Then came the cultists, a group of fanatics who believed that the zombies were meant to dominate the Earth
  • It was the solemn duty of the cult to aid the zombies in their conquest.

    Faced with challenge after challenge, the survivors of the ApocalypZe strived to carve out a small place for themselves
  • They took refuge wherever they could, converting churches, police stations, and whatever other buildings they could into strongholds against the waves of undead that sought to consume them
  • They scavenged the supermarkets and the malls, desperate for whatever they could find
  • This is their story.

    This is your story…
  • They took what they could carry, leaving the rest to the rats.

    Ultimately, heroes surfaced to lead the survivors in their struggles
  • But their burdens were heavy

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