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Archon Glory And Machination Board Game


Product Description

  • Cardis is a rich and powerful kingdom controlling all neighboring provinces, which provide valuable resources
  • The land of Cardis has been ruled for many years by King Rhodrig
  • All this wealth attracts warlords and raiding parties who more than often launch attacks against the kingdom
  • So far Cardis has stood against such attacks but with heavy casualties
  • Each season consists of 3 rounds during which players use a card-driven worker placement mechanism to perform various actions that will allow them to gather resources and income, recruit soldiers and, rebuild the city, and acquire scoring cards (Science & Arts)
  • They will also have the chance to train Elite Warriors to assist in the city's defense
  • Thanks to the support of wealthy Archons, the kingdom gets rebuilt so that Science and Arts can flourish once again
  • At the same time new soldiers are recruited and the army prepares for the inevitable moment when the kingdom will need to be defended once again.

    In Archon: Glory & Machination, players are powerful Archons who support Cardis in order to win King's favor
  • After nine rounds, the game ends and the player with the most Victory Points wins.
  • Players use their influence on their Courtiers and on various figures of authority (Magisters).

    Each game consists of three Seasons
  • For each of these Seasons, the King issues different demands that players must fulfill in order to score Victory Points

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