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Arkopharma Migrastick - 3ml

  • Roller-stick with essential oils - 100 % pure and natural
  • Arkopharma Migrastick
  • A natural solution against pain.


Product Description

  • MIGRASTICK applied to the skin has a cooling effect caused by evaporation of the essential oils
  • (1986)
  • Migrastick has a double action: a cooling effect + Massage on acupressure points
  • MIGRASTICK is massaged on the forehead, temples and back of the neck, which are acupressure sensible points for treatment of headaches and migraines

    Through massage and its cooling effect MIGRASTICK alleviates the pain caused by headaches and migraines.

    Cooling effect
  • and Freitag F
  • Therefore external cooling or so called "cold therapy" is an traditional well known alternative to manage pain
  • Such relieving pain effects on migraine & headaches have been demonstrated by scientists for a long time (Diamond S
  • It's a classical, worldwide and effective habit to locally apply ice cubes or cold packs on the hurting body zone for some time in order to alleviate the pain
  • Already in 460-337 BC Hippocrates described the use of ice and snow packs before surgery


Precautions for use: Not to be used
- on children (under 12 years),
- by pregnant or lactating women
- by epileptics


Sensations of heavy head, tension, stress... apply Migrastick with 2 or 3 short circular movements on the temples, the forehead and the neck for relief.


Founded in 1980 in Carros, near Nice in France, by Dr. Max Rombi, Arkopharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialised in the area of phytotherapy, natural medicine and dietary supplements. By offering a global approach to health and well-being, ARKOPHARMA Pharmaceutical Laboratories meets consumers' needs. It offers natural medicines intended for treatment and prevention, increases consumption oriented towards family self-medication, and also offers healthcare professionals new possibilities for prescriptions.

For more than 30 years, ARKOPHARMA Laboratories has been dedicated to new “healthy medicines” based on natural products. It has been a period marked by the search for a healthier life and for essential values; phytotherapy and dietary supplements are favoured by an ever expanding number of consumers around the world.


"Are Arkopharma sticks tested on animals?"
No, none of our cosmetic products are tested on animals any more because modern research methods enable us to avoid recourse to such procedures.

"Can children use Migrastick?"
Migrastick is not recommended for children less than 12 years old. Migrastick contains essential oil of peppermint, which is rich in menthol. Being a neurostimulant, menthol, in large quantities, can lower the threshold for triggering attacks in epileptics and children subject to convulsions. As a precaution, this restriction on use has been extended to all children, to pregnant women and to nursing mothers.

"Can pregnant women and nursing mothers use Migrastick?"
As a precaution, we prefer to advise against use of this product by pregnant women or nursing mothers.

"I'm allergic to peanuts and the like: can I safely use Migrastick?"
Yes, there is no trace of peanuts in Migrastick. Moreover, peanut allergy is a food allergy. Migrastick is for external use only.

"I suffer from migraine and regularly take medication; can I use Migrastick at the same time?"
Yes, Migrastick is an ideal supplement to your usual treatments; the best thing is to use it as the first-line treatment, before a migraine attack occurs.

"How does Migrastick work?"
Migrastick is a natural medical device based on essential oils. It has a dual mode of action: massage of the relaxation points of the muscles and nerves involved in headache, and the effect of a pain-killing ice cube.

"Why is Migrastick not available in larger bottles?"
The bottle of Migrastick already allows more than 100 applications and its small size makes it really practical, easy to carry around and is discreet. Moreover, the natural compounds are better conserved. Rather than providing a larger bottle, we recommend that you buy several sticks at the same time, allowing you to never be without one. Leave one in your handbag, in the car, at the office.everywhere you may have a headache!

"Does Migrastick have an expiry date?"
Yes, it is 3 years and the date figures on the bottle.

"If I get Migrastick in my eyes, what should I do?"
Rinse abundantly with water or physiological serum and contact a doctor if eye irritation persists.

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Arkopharma is a pharmaceutical laboratory specialised in the area of phytotherapy, natural medicine and dietary supplements. Arkopharma means 30 years of taking care of your health! For more than 30 years, Arkopharma Laboratories has been dedicated to new “healthy medicines” based on natural products.

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5 out of 5
By Daniel | Posted on: 17/08/2013

My wife cannot live without it !

My wife had been using this product for some while but we cannot get this product in Singapore so a big thank you for your fast and effienct service (better than expected). Thanks again

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