AHCC50656 ArmorAll

ArmorAll Carpet & Seat Wipes Tub of 30


Product Description

  • ArmorAll® was the first to introduce ArmorAll® Carpet & Seat Wipes to the automotive category.

    In the past, the only products available to the consumer were household cleaners, many of which were unsuitable for in-car use

  • They are strong enough to use on a variety of surfaces without them tearing apart.

    It can also be used with excellent results inside the house.

    Care should be taken not to use Carpet & Seat Wipes on leather interiors, we recommend ArmorAll® Leather Care or ArmorAll® Leather Wipes for these surfaces.

    ArmorAll® Carpet & Seat Wipes are supplied in a handy, resalable tub with 30 wipes per tub.

  • As a result of the increasing consumer demand for convenience, ease of use and efficiency, wipes have become an extremely popular product form

  • It is equally effective on vinyl, rubber and plastic
  • It is a safe, non-toxic cleaner that is tough enough to deal with stubborn ground-in dirt yet safe enough for all car surfaces
  • The other alternative was speciality automotive products, designed for use on a limited range of surfaces.

    As a result, ArmorAll® Carpet & Seat Wipes have been specifically formulated for a multitude of automotive surfaces including, fabrics, carpets, upholstery and mats

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